Where do I go from here
Poised atop the precipice
A poisoned chalice in my hands

Suspended in its light
I feel its fragile embrace
A warm evanescence

The fire fades
I lose my step
Where do I go from here

Tumbling, spiralling down
A sharp descent
Rocks graze my skin

I hit the ground
Bloody and bruised
Where do I go from here

Looking over my shoulder
I see the precipice
Its ghost intoxicates me

I begin to climb
Dig my feet into the earth
The ghost drives me on

With the end in sight
Maternal rays of tender light
Pull me to the top

As I reach the precipice
The light feels not as warm
I stop to think and lose my step


Bubbles multiply and divide in a glass
Soaring through an empty head
Somewhere in the darkness
We go round in circles
Thrumming with pointless energy

Cut the fractal in two
Behind closed eyelids
Meiosis in a petri dish
Circles within circles

White noise and audio crackle
An unceasing sea rushes on
A barely remembered feeling
A film reel flicker
And it’s gone

Locked in our prisons
We go round in circles
Circles within circles
With no end