Foreign body
Come see
Beneath my tongue
Step inside
The matrix of my mind

Dangerous communion
Grip hold
Blot this stubborn copybook
Spill ink over the pages
Colour me in

I surrender
To this alien chemistry
Take a leap of faith
Pray luck remembers me
Entirely at its mercy

Intimate stranger
Take me in
Don’t conceal
Rap my knuckles
Mark me down
Show me real

Fickle lover
Go ahead
Peel me open
Wring me dry
Chalk me clear
Start again

I set alight the synapse
See how it spreads
Take a leap of faith
Pray luck is on my side
Nowhere to hide

Melt away the mythos
Black lines and white lies
Split me through the centre
Heal the divide

Meet me in the mainframe
The corner of my eye
Here we intersect
Irrevocably intertwined