I’m up in the woods.
I’m down on my mind.
I’m building a still
to slow down the time.
–  Bon Iver

I’m lost in the woods,
velvet trees with
orange leaves
and armies of feet
percussing the turf.
A universe within a
waste away a day
to soak up the sun
till the creatures emerge,
ready to do it all
all over again.

I’m lost in the forest,
warm myself on the
sweet melancholia;
breathe out the tension,
see how it parts the air,
soft to touch;
tear down the breakwaters,
let the waves rush in,
cleansing my being,
washing away

(I remember this).
We rediscovered the magic.
(Endless joy).
This is what we fell in love with.
(Until it ends).
I know you feel it, too.
(Faith restored).

I’m up in the woods:
a return to childhood,
or what we think
childhood was

Now that it’s over,
how can anything else compare?