A heatwave melts my mind,
Colour dripping down my sight.
Under gossamer skies
The mundane dies,
Wrapped in brilliant lies.
Inside panoramic eyes
A portal opens wide,
Spinning counterclockwise.
I slip through in disguise,
Drenched in neon light.

Hands reach into the air,
Captivated by her gaze,
Transfixed by her stare.
The vibrations meet us there.
She becomes everywhere.
The rhythm rises ever higher,
Heaven-bound, her earthly prayer,
With notes too beautiful to bear.

Time is losing track of me;
Eternal entity
Moving motionlessly.
If I stayed here in this dream,
Would anyone come back for me?
Washes over me.
Shock waves shimmer like a sea
Storming the shores of make-believe,
Blurring lines between realities.

As the pendulum swings,
A 4/4 daydream
Fades in sixteens,
She takes her leave.
The warmth recedes,
Seeping away
From everything.

But I don’t wear black;
I know that she’ll be back,
As sure as spring thaws the ice
Frozen on the track.
As sure as winter comes and goes,
Taking with it anguished snows,
I know that she’ll be back.


It creeps
Sits heavy
Dark and raw
Gnawing at my chest
Casting bittersweet shadows

Blood streaks in the sky
Shapes cut sharp into the night
As eyes wide and shining
Revealed a secret harmony
Ecstasy in the blackness

This frozen moment
Stopped perfection in its tracks
Raised it high for all to see
Shimmering in the light

Only a few frames in focus
It plays over again
On the broken cinema screen
Trying to make sense of itself
Searching for its place
Amongst the everyday

The dream fades away in time
Colours dissipate to gloom
We cover our tracks
We sever our ties
We move on

It lies there dormant
Waiting to reveal itself
Waiting for a sign
To pull me into the current
Push my head beneath the water
Drown me in the waves

I run my finger over the bricks
There’s a part of me still there
Endlessly tracing the lines
Etched into memory