It works for a time,
Then it stops.
Built-in obsolescence:
The mechanism creaks and breaks,
The wheels stop turning.
That glimpse of paradise
Fades and frays
And in creeps disillusionment;
The law of diminishing returns.

Fool on me to think
Such transient pleasure
Could bring salvation;
Could make me whole;
Could be more than just a rush.

Fool on me to think
I’d found the holy grail;
That it could be perfect every time,
When perfection is elusive
And a treasure buried much deeper.

Plastic teacher,
Did I exaggerate your depth?
Did I learn anything at all?
Or was it all just in my head?
You just put me together,
Then take me apart.
Longevity is a different beast,
Not so easily tamed.

Looking over the railings,
I feel the weight of gravity.
Patterns on a surface,
Revealing of nothing.
Instant zen
And decaffeinated happiness.

Receiving the message
And hanging up the phone.
We lost the magic:

The spark that made it worth it.