Our fingers unlock and recede
Slowly, imperceptibly
Until we note the gap they left
And wonder how it happened
First an empty space
Then a wall
A road
A plane journey away

Throw out a rope
Try to hold on
But it rubs your hands raw
It’s not worth it anymore

Footprints are fading
Horizon hides you
Sun blinds you
You’re gone

Bit by bit
We slip away
We move apart
And when we meet
Pieces no longer fit so neat


There’s an invisible wall that melts away
When I’m with her
I can touch you
Feel you against my skin
And it’s okay

There’s an invisible shield that falls aside
When I’m with her
I am lain bare
My defences crumble
And I don’t mind

All these feelings unexpressed
I suffocate

She lets me breathe
A temporary reprieve



It’s been so long since I knew this feeling
Lain dormant for years
Numb to all these waxworks
So shiny and clean
Smiling at me

A winter road that crossed my chest
Finally thawed again
A spring began anew
And the cavities closed in
Healing my skin

And flowed the frozen river
Where the ground was cracked and dry
Granting the gift of fertility
To the seeds of my mind

Even at the edge of extinction
It breathes life once more
The dull ache of desire
Of what it is to be human