Ensconced in the hollow
Deep within my chest,
I wrap my blanket tight
And dream sweet dreams tonight.
Wake up refreshed;
An uncluttered mind
Clear of debris,
Sanitised for me.

I worship the gap,
Sing about not singing,
Cherish the cold;
The analytical snows.
I keep my load light,
Glide unimpeded
Through sterilised air,
Immunised to care.

Marching on through,
I barely feel the arrows
Bouncing off my skin.
No one can come in.
Armed to the hilt,
I stand in no man’s land
While bullets rain,
Anaesthetised to pain.

I dissect my emotions,
Round off the jagged edges
With a blunted blade:
Solutions tailor-made.
Beginning at zero,
I paint by numbers
With muted blues and greens.
Everything is as it seems.

I think away the hunger;
Mind over matter.
Conqueror of man;
Nature in my hand.
Fires in uniform cubicles
Extinguished in seconds.
DenialĀ and whitened teeth
Cover up the stains beneath.

Time ticks on;
I stand still.
Inertia takes hold;
I barely notice growing old.
A monument to stasis
Amidst a raging sea.
Cut me and I will not bleed;
Sanitised life lived lifelessly.